Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Record of the Week

Little Jody
by Blue

This was something that, once heard, I tried to track down and buy for what seemed like ages...

And it still remains one of my all time favourite tracks of all time. The guitar work is just sublime: the sound from it is deep, dirty and basic. Beautiful. Add to that a simple, succinct song structure of near-perfect proportions -- not too short and not too long -- and you have a potential classic on your hands.

John Peel thought so when he reviewed it in Sounds and made it his Record of the Week. And RSO Records probably thought so too. And why not? The band were formed and fronted by ex-Marmalade hit-writer Hughie Nicholson and, it has to be said 'Little Jody' should have been another top-ten certainty.

But we all know by now that it wasn't and remains one of life's great mystery's.

I did manage to get hold of this record: I found the debut album 'Blue' in a rack of a record shop the year following release. It remains one of my favourite and most played albums to this day (it's on the iPhone as we speak!)

Peel loved them more than just voting this record of the week as records show the band recorded a number of sessions for his Radio 1 programmes in the seventies.

Buy the album at amazon...