Sunday, 1 June 2014

Record of the Week

Fooled Around and Fell in Love
by Elvin Bishop

Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around & Fell In Love

Hi Pop Pickers, and a welcome to the return of our Record of the Week feature after an absence of several months. And thanks, once again, go to our NotJustMum for getting this into my head, into our iTunes library and on these pages...

When she played this to me the other day I couldn't remember it at all! But in the intervening couple of days it's found its way into my head and under my skin in such a way that I tell myself I must have heard it back in '76, when this was a hit. In fact, a BIG hit in the USA.

Anyway, it really is a very, very good rock/pop song. Catchy, sing-a-long stuff with a wonderful guitar solo in the middle from Mr Bishop himself. Vocals are more than admirably handled by Mickey Thomas who, despite what you all think didn't play ion the wing for Manchester United, Wrexham or Chelsea, but went on to sing in Jefferson Starship. In fact, he still does.

This video will have you wondering just which one is Jeff Lynn, although I am reliably informed that not one of the players here is the aforementioned King of Brummie Beat.

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