Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Golden Age of Rock n Rail...

Ian Hunter and the Rant Band
When I'm President

The crafty old devil has released this just as America gets caught up in election fever! That said... this... is a finely crafted and beautifully executed record.

And who'd have thought, back in 1975 as we listened to that opening "…'allo!" on his debut solo offering that 20 albums and 37 years later we'd be saying 'When I'm President' is maybe Ian Hunters best?

But it is! And that voice -- that never made it as a poll winner back in the day -- sounds just the same as it ever did. Its all quite comforting really. So, cue the opener 'Comfortable (Flying Scotsman)', which has all those Hunter trademarks: rocking piano, chopping guitar intro, a bit of sax and some thunder-thighs-ish 'oohs and ahhs' and a reference to days gone by with a '...that's all' added for good measure.

Essentially, this is a great rock n roll record. Sounds American, has the usual Dylan-esque touches but, it could be said by now as IH has earned this -- they are the usual Hunteresque touches: tracks like the simply wonderful 'Black Tears' (Now, this IS going to become one of his stand-out tracks. Its up there with the best of them. Epic and immense and has reduced me to tears... wonderful) along with 'Fatally Flawed', 'Just The Way You Look Tonight' and 'Life' spring to mind.

And then there's the title track. This could (and should) be a big hit for the Oswestry 'lad'. It really is a finely crafted, mature song delivered with panache and style. Very, very airplay friendly so I expect to hear it from many sources!

Ian Hunter has never chased stardom, he's been more than happy to be an artist writing, recording and performing what he wants to write, record and perform rather than delivering to record company orders. That said, I really do hope that this record brings him the wider recognition and reward he truly deserves.

Brilliant and inspirational.

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