Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Record of the Week

Que Sera
by Wax Tailor

With thanks to our Libby for sending a link last weekend of this.

Wonderful stuff... and love all those clips. Some sound familiar and the kind of thing the Bill Nelson would use... but slightly differently. Can you hear Ronnie Regan in there in his B-movie heyday? Think I can. Also sounds like just the kind of thing the Techno Twins would've been putting out had they been around today.

To my shame, this week is the first time I've heard it despite the fact it came out back in 2006(?). Seems the lad Wax is doing quite well at the moment and selling out shows in America as we speak.

Can't find an official video for this as a single so you'll have to put up with a live version. Hope you enjoy this very clever, very entertaining and very catchy piece of music.

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Record of the Week

by Cornershop

I first heard and became entranced by this when originally released as a single back in 2004 and Rob da Bank played it to us all.

Featuring the vocals of 'unknown' Lancashire-based housewife Bubbley Kaur, it finally appeared on the bands 2011 album 'Cornershop & The Double 'O' Groove Of'.

I find it just so mesmerising and can play it on repeat for a long time each and every time. Listen to that enchanting and groovy guitar sound... Hope you like it too.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Going Underground – Rail

The Underground Railway in London is 150 years old and, like most things railway, it was operating in London before anywhere else in the world.

Britain gave railways to the world. It led the way in design and practice. It exported locomotives, rolling stock, ticket machines, systems, ideas... it exported the whole concept. And now, in 2013... we import all of that back again. Seems silly, absurd and a little foolish.

What this highlights is the sad fact that the trains we use today in the UK are, increasingly, made in Germany, Japan, Spain and the US. The trains are operated by companies based in Holland (Greater Anglia) and Germany (DB Schenker freight). Yet, here we were, 150 years ago, building the the first ever underground railway and all the locomotives, all the coaches, ticket machines, escalators... you name it. It was probably Made in England, if not Great Britain.

Still, sit back and enjoy the pictures and marvel at the craftsmanship displayed in those lovingly restored coaches... and, maybe, visit a heritage railway near you and see something similar at first-hand. We still have the skills in this country to be able to design and build these things, but, for some reason, our Government (Labour, Tory or Coalition) feels the need to go cheapest rather than keep it here... also the need to spread things around Europe. Why? Europe doesn't spread it around here

Its more than a shame. Its annoying and its disasterous. So many could be employed furnishing and servicing an industry that provides a vital service and one that is, by all accounts, increasing in passenger numbers (note I said passenger and not customer).

Metropolitan Railway No. 1

Here are some links for enjoying this Underground celebration:
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And why not visit the home of the old Metropolitan loco...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Record of the Week

Negative Earth
by Barclay James Harvest

I first came across this track, and this band, courtesy of a flexi-disc given away free with Sounds. Sounds was a great music paper: better than both NME or Melody Maker but sadly no longer with us.

Anyway, this flexi-disc, which was a Polydor promotion, featured this track by the band some in the press dubbed the 'Poor Man's Moody Blues'. Was never sure about that, but found from this moment on that for me they hit a certain spot.

After all these years, this particular track is still a stand-out. I didn't know it then but the album its taken from - Everyone Is Everybody Else - was their first on Polydor after several years on EMI, where they even gave their name to the Harvest Record label (if you believe some legends)... but their thunder was stolen by label-mates Pink Floyd, who became the stellar act on that roster.

The production here is very clean. The playing heavy, in a soft and considered way, adds to the haunting nature of the song. It is certainly a great trailer for the album which, if you try to listen to, won't disappoint either.

As time has gone by, this is one those that would get added to an extended desert island selection. And if anyone is doing market research on that 1974 flexi-disc, well, it worked as I went out and bought the album!

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Record of the Week

Yoro Diallo
by: Egyptian Hip Hop

Was between this tune and something else but this had invaded my dream space and I awoke whistling it so...

With a sound reminiscent of Fripp and friends in 80s-era King Crimson, Manchester outfit Egyptian Hip Hop deliver some mesmeric music. I can't find out too much about it, but does anyone know if its an ode to an African musician?

Anyway, I like this a lot and thought you might too.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Record of the Week

White Noise
Milk & Biscuits

First ROTW of the 2013 and it's something that I think has that quintessential, English Indie-ness to it.

The vocals, the pastoral, summer Sunday drums and rhythm, a bit of music-box, flute(?). Lovely and delightful. And all finished off with something a bit different but still in keeping with the rest of the song.

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