Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Record of the Week

by Choir of Young Believers

We, along with many others I am sure, were introduced to this band courtesy of someone's brilliant decision to use their 'Hollow Talk' as the theme tune to Danish crime-thriller The Bridge and seen in the UK on BBC4.

Didn't take us here at NotJust Towers long to add a copy of the album it was from to the collection. And as excellent as the aforementioned track it all was --and is -- too. Another one of those records that is able to take multiple plays. So, when the follow up to 'This Is For The Whites In Your Eyes' made an appearance that too was obtained.

And if '...Whites...' was extremely enjoyable then 'Rhine Gold' was just... stunning. Some of the bass on here is just breathtaking, the sounds haunting, edgy yet with a downtempo, chill-esque enough feel for them to be great work accompaniment.

This track is one of those in which that bass guitar stars, but listen to the piano in there too.

I do hope you like this. A band worthy of a much wider audience (aren't they all?)... but really, they are.

The record company don't want any of us to embed this video in a blog so follow the links to listen. Hope you enjoy it...

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Record of the Week

Stroh 80
by Casual Sex

The Only Way is Essex crowd attempted an 80s theme-night at a roller-skate park recently but we go back a bit further with this weeks' Record of the Week.

Some people say Bowie, some say Roxie. Let me tell you there is nothing wrong with sounding like either. This record gives a hint of some of those early seventies guitar driven affairs, but it has its head firmly in the 21st century via a definite taste of Pulp thrown in for good measure.

But don't let that, or the bands name (hopefully a tribute to Ken and Duane Bishops famous duo Raw Sex?), put you off having a listen.

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