Sunday, 2 February 2014

Record of the Week

Blue Guitar
by Justin Hayward and John Lodge

Thanks go to our NotJustMum for getting this both into my head and into our iTunes library...

Although this is a record I do remember from those heady seventies, its not one that can claim to have ever had a special place anywhere close to my musical heart.

But just recently, I have been able look past any 'those boring Moody lies' prejudices I may have had and heard this track for the beautiful piece it is. Yet another Record of the Week who's joy is partly delivered by simplicity and brevity: its so short and sweet that you immediately want to play it again.

The strings are heavenly and breathtaking. The lyric is well crafted and deftly delivered. And, as well as the guitar-solo intro, we then have the outro. This creeps up on you under the guise of being the middle eight, but there is SO much going on here that its so hard to take it all in in one listen… so, you just have to play the track again!

Further investigation of the track reveals that its not Justin Hayward and John Lodge, but 10cc with Justin Hayward. And the classic, original 10cc at that. Which makes sense of the sound of those guitars in the middle with/outro… compare the sound (not the delivery necessarily) to that of the guitar sounds on Sheet Music, for example. Mind you, its always reminded me of Mike Oldfield's "…two slightly distorted guitars…" on Tubular Bells. Whatever, its a sound I've always enjoyed listening to.

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