Monday, 20 July 2015

Roundabout (Live) by Yes -- Record of the Week

We read a little while ago that Yes bass player and founder-memeber Chris Quire had been diagnosed with a rare and virulent form of lukemia... but were shocked and very sad to read news of his passing so soon afterwards.

So, by way of tribute to him we offer this live recording of 'Roundabout' as our Record of the Week.

Some will say that this captures the band in their heyday: at maximum pomp and circumstance. Many see the album that this tour promoted -- 'Close to the Edge' -- as one of THE classic Prog Rock albums. Ever. Certainly one of my favourites and played constantly to this day here at Not Just Towers, although I no longer have the Roger Dean poster on the wall.

With one change to the line-up that recorded the album -- Bill Bruford being replaced by Alan White on drums -- we see and hear the band play 'Roundabout' from the bands' earlier 'Fragile' album.

This video concentrates visually on guitarist Steve Howe and vocalist Jon Anderson, but Chris Squire gets to make an appearance here and there... but you can't fail to notice that deep, vibrating almost lead-guitar-esque bass driving things along frantically. We see him leap into action a couple of minutes into the performance and from then on that bass is providing a bedrock of rhythm and, at times, melody.

Fantastic band and, with some changes here and there, still playing this song and other classics around the world to this day.

Chris Squire was an almost ever-present member of the band over these past 45-plus years(!) and we were fortunate enough to see him along with this same classic line-up play in Braintree, Essex back in 2004. And the quality, beauty and perfection of the performance brought tears of wonderment to my eyes. So, yes (if you'll pardon the pun) they are and always have been that good.

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