Thursday, 30 May 2013

Record of the Week

Hang on to Yourself
by David Bowie

While listening to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Startdust & the Spiders From Mars the other day I was struck by the bass guitar on this track. Maybe it was because somewhere towards the front-end of my memory is the recent and sad news of the passing of Trevor Bolder.

And it is his stellar work that gives this track such an edge and extra dimension. Listen to it drive the song along and provide harmony to the main melody. Its more than just plodding bass work to assist the rhythm, although it does that too, giving you something to furiously shake your head to. And listen to it ascend the scales behind Ronson's mini solos.

Frantically fantastic and sounding as good today as it ever did. I don't think I've done his work justice. Rest in peace Trevor.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Record of the Week

by Broken Glass Heroes

This really IS the Record of the Week or month here at NotJust Towers. Frantic web searching was employed following the second episode of ITV's new-ish comedy 'Off Their Rockers' to find out more about the song used over the closing title.

And this is it. Belgian duo Broken Glass Heroes's 2010 single 'Delphonic'.

It's a lovely piece of short, simple, sweet, downtempo-esque, lazy guitar driven music paradise. The soft vocal harmonies overlay it all with a tinge of sadness yet a realisation and acceptance of life and time's continual march.

Lovely stuff.

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